At this moment, it is 79 degrees. At this moment (and for many moments to come), I am 6.5 feet tall. And right now, I can tell you I hate writing "degrees" and "6.5." But whaddya gonna do?

Well, I'll tell ya.

I'll go to my phone where that stuff no longer applies.

Thanks to a good friend and a Facebook post, I have made an amazing discovery that, maybe, you have, too.

Samsung Screen Shot/Dave Spencer

That's right. If you hold down the "zero" on your phone, you get the "degree" symbol. And and a little "n," too.

But wait. There's more.

Samsung Screen Shot/Dave Spencer

Yep. Hold down the "1" and you get all those fractions you'd love to use instead of decimal points.

Press and hold numbers 2 through 5 and you'll get less common fractions. Press and hold numbers 6 through 9 and you'll get tiny versions of those numbers. Exponents and all.

They say you learn something new everyday. Well, THEY are right. It's like discovering that the little arrow on your vehicle's control panel points to the side on which you'll find your gas tank.

Dave Spencer

How cool is that?

Class is dismissed. But if you come up with anything else that folks may not know, please share.

I'm drinking in knowledge today and I can always work up a thirst.