If you live in Evansville or Newburgh then you've surely heard of Azzip Pizza. If you have, this list is for you. If you haven't, this list is still for you! Familiarize yourself with the best local pizza place around. Then learn these ten commandments of Azzip Pizza and enjoy!

1) Thou shall enter and smell the goodness.
Once you get inside of this place, the first step is to smell the aroma of deliciousness thick in the air and decide what it is you will eat tonight. This moment is crucial to the experience. (Don't mind Ryan. He's just so into the pizza he can't think right now.)

Awkward Screen Grab - Ryan: Azzip Pizza
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2) Thou shall have your order ready when you get to the glass.
People! It is vital that you have your order ready to go at the glass partition where an Azzip employee will be ready to take your order. If you don't, you'll hold up the line and potentially cause a pizza riot. These people behind you are hungry and know what they want!


3) Thou shall try the "Westsider" at least once.
Thou would be making a massive mistake if one didn't try it at least once. How can you go wrong with bbq sauce, Grippos, and Ski? This was the first of many times that I fell in love with Azzip pizza.


4) Thou shall try the array of delicious sauces provided.
Have your selection of sauces such as red sauce, ranch, bbq, pesto, buffalo and more and even try mixing one or two together to create a saucy explosion in the mouth. That sounds wrong but it's really tasty. Don't be a one sauce square, dude.


5) Thou shall see thy food prepared before thy own eyes!
Upon ordering a pizza size, personalize it with a type of crust, your choice of sauces, cheeses, toppings, and veggies. Then watch it go into the oven and bake right before thine eyes! It truly is a miracle. Hashtag blessed.


6) Thou shall eat a cookie.
I don't care if you like cookies or not. These chocolate chunk cookies changed the game and my life. They're also only fifty cents. Yes, fifty cents.


7) Thou shall have pizza within four minutes.
Four minutes. Hot, fresh, delicious. Mouth watering desire shall rise within you like the heat of a thousand suns! Wait, what? That doesn't make sense. I just mean the pizza is unparalleled and super GOOD.


8) Thou shall inquire about ski reduction sauce.
One does not simply go to Azzip and not try the ski reduction sauce. One does NOT.


9) Thou shall dine-in, dine on the patio, or dine carry-out.
Have your choice of dining inside, outside, or drive-by. Any way you want it that's the way you get it any way you want it.


10) Thou shall clean up your mess and have the perfect personal pizza experience the tri-state has to offer.
Thus ends the ten commandments of Azzip. Clean up after yourself like adults do and start to reminisce about that time you just went to Azzip and ate glorious pizza. Trust me, once you step out the door you'll already be missing it.

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