Oh my goodness! The season six finale of 'The Walking Dead' was 90 minutes of uncertainty and tension. Hats off to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Negan was everything and more. Oh man, so much more and so sadistic. I know the Emmys have avoided the show like a zombie infection, but Morgan may get a nod. But...who got to meet Lucille the bat up close and brutally personal? *SPOILERS AHEAD*

Here's that abbreviated final scene (possibly NSFW):

I CALLED IT! We have to wait until October to see who exactly got the Lucille treatment. Creator Robert Kirkman said on 'Talking Dead' following the episode, "a beloved character" was beaten to death. So the guessing game and the Zapruder-like examination of the final scene has commenced. Another theory I had, that Carol would be mortally wounded and she would (though forcibly) flee with Morgan? Sort of true. In fact, a whole new group was introduced via their rescue. You'll be hearing more about The Kingdom soon.

As far as the cast knowing who got the bat? They don't know either! Well, if you count the camera operator as a potential victim. Poor guy or girl. All I know is, if producers thought they had a backlash on their hands after the Glen debacle? This one may hurt a little considering the ratings for the season six premiere weren't up as much as they have been in the past. The finale ratings won't come out until Tuesday. Speaking of ratings, the ACM Awards won the night among the major networks.