UPDATE: When I composed this story, the listing on the last house on the list indicated it was worth more than $429 million. That was a typo on Zillow's part. It has now been corrected to $429,000.

I'm guessing that when folks get into a conversation about what they'd do if they won the lottery, several of the same topics come up.

"I'd get a new car." "I'd go on a really nice vacation." "I'd start giving it away; I wouldn't know what to do with all that money." And, naturally, someone will say, "Well, I'd certainly move into a new (or better) house." That makes immediate sense.

But when you see this list of insanely expensive homes for sale in Kentucky, you just might realize that even winning CERTAIN lotteries wouldn't be enough for a couple of these homes. You probably also won't be surprised to see how LONG they've been on the market.

Crazy Expensive Homes for Sale in Kentucky Right Now

If you won the lottery, you STILL might not be able to afford a couple of the houses you'll find on this list.

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