Today on the WBKR morning show, I am asking folks to share what Santa Claus brought them for Christmas. I am doing the same thing.  In fact, I am sharing this!


Now, I know what you're thinking- "What in the holy hell is that?" LOL!

My mom saw this product featured on Shark Tank and thought it looked interesting.  Apparently, the sharks went bonkers over it.  Here's a look at the Sleep Pod in action so you can get an idea.

After seeing the Sleep Pod on Shark Tank, my mother knew she had to get one for Kevin and me.  So, she did and we instantly tried the thing out. Kevin climbed into it first and this is what he looked like.


Here's how I described the product on my personal Facebook page.  It's somewhere between a Hot Pocket and a Playskool Glo Worm.  Or, even more descriptive, it's like a large, warm placenta for adults.  Honestly, there's no better way to explain it.

So, after much debate about who would try to sleep in it first, I tried the thing out last night.  And, I set a lofty Glo Worm goal for myself.  I decided I was going to try to sleep through the entire night with it on.  And, I'll say, I made it to about 5am.

The Sleep Pod certainly is snug, but there's plenty of give in the material if you want to adjust your arms or legs.  Now, this may be TMI, but I don't sleep with any clothes on, so for me it was like crawling into an Invasion of the Body Snatchers pod.  I probably looked like I was being harvested by an alien race in some sort of strange sci-fi thriller.

Plus, I normally sleep with a body pillow and it was difficult to curl up with that pillow with my arms and legs trapped inside the Sleep Pod.  So, a couple of hours before crawling out of bed, I shimmied out of the pod (carefully so I wouldn't accidentally donkey-kick a dog out of the bed) and tossed it over on the nightstand.  I suppose you could say I freed Willy.

Tonight, Kevin's going to try it.  Just the other day he was talking about how he wants to buy a onesie to sleep in.  Now, he doesn't have to.  Santa Claus came to town and brought him his "onesie."

If you'd like to check out the Sleep Pod (by the way, these things sell out like crazy), visit the official website-

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