This past weekend, while we were out exploring and enjoying the beautiful weather, discoveries were made, and they are ALWAYS welcome.

Those discoveries came in the form of two small Kentucky towns I'd never before visited--Elkton and Guthrie. Great atmosphere and plenty of small-town charm to spare. Again, here are two more Kentucky towns that would make for great movie backdrops. The Commonwealth has no shortage of such places, in my opinion.

Beautiful Maysville KY

And "such places" includes a beautiful one on the Ohio River upstream from the Covington/Cincinnati area, and that would be Maysville KY.

Back to the movie thing. Maysville just LOOKS like what an ace set designer might create if tasked with designing the perfect small town. I think they could use Maysville as a model. Here, take a closer look at the town's waterfront.

The Best Small Southern Town in the USA

I guess you've added the story's title to the two video presentations and determined that it is MAYSVILLE that has been named the best small southern town by USA Today after nominees were submitted by a panel of experts.

For a town with a population just under 9,000, Maysville has a lot to offer. Multiple components went into the decision to put it at the top of the list. One of them is the old Russell Theatre, which has been the focus of a restoration project the last few years.

The Historic Old Russell Theatre in Maysville KY

USA Today also took note of the Washington Opera House which is rumored to be haunted. (I don't know if that factored into their decision, but it couldn't have hurt.)

Could the Washington Opera House in Maysville KY Be Haunted?

One point of interest voters seemed to find particularly fascinating was the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center.

A Museum of Miniatures in Maysville KY

Maysville KY -- the Birthplace of Music Legend Rosemary Clooney

But let's not forget a very famous surname that will likely ring a in legendary vocalist, the late Rosemary Clooney, who was born and was laid to rest in Maysville.

There seems to be no indication that Clooney tipped the scales in Maysville's favor, but I don't know how you can write about it without mentioning her.

Congratulations to Maysville. After taking multiple virtual tours, I'm not surprised at its placement at the top of a list of the best small southern towns in the USA.

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