When I was six years old and completely obsessed with The Little Mermaid, I would have given anything to be able to experience life as a mermaid. Who wouldn't? Swimming all day, beach views for life, and flaunting that spectacularly colored tail sounds pretty fantastic to me. Not to mention, I'm sure making friends with aquatic creatures would be pretty darn cool.

Mermaid School Now in Session

I had no idea when I was a youngster that all of my dreams would someday come true and I too could join Ariel under the sea. Aquamermaid in Nashville, Tennessee, offers classes and private lessons to teach people ages 7 and up how to swim like a mermaid. Take a break from those boring ol' human legs and experience swimming with a monofin and colorful lycra tail.

Learn From Professional Mermaids

Not just anyone can be a professional mermaid. Classes are taught by highly trained lifeguards, aqua fitness trainers, and synchronized swimming instructors. Swimming with a mermaid tail is not only a fun experience but a major workout that engages your core like no other.

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Just Keep Swimming

Learning how to swim like a mermaid is definitely no easy task! Not the strongest swimmer? These classes are tailored for people of almost all skill levels and will have you feeling like a pro.

But do take note that before taking a class, aspiring merfolk should at least be able to tread water for at least 1 minute, swim 25 meters, and float on your back and front without assistance.

What are Mermaid Classes in Nashsville Like?

Introductory classes last 60 minutes and teach a variety of synchronized swimming techniques. A general outline of a class includes:

5 minutes: Choose and adjust tail

10 minutes: Warm up, swim test, and learn how to use tail

10 minutes: Practice dolphin kick and swimming techniques

15 minutes: Play games and challenges

10 minutes: Learn synchronized swimming techniques

10 minutes: Free time and photos

There are also advanced classes that teach more in-depth lessons for higher skill levels.

A Perfect Way to Shell-erbrate!

Aquamermaid classes are open to people of all genders ages 7 and up. They can be a fun and unique experience that is great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or even just a day out to try something new.

Don't Be a Fish Out of Water

If you're ready to take a swim as a majestic mermaid, pricing information and class offerings can be found at the Aquamermaid Nashville website.

If you can't make it down to Nashville, you can also buy a monofin on places like Amazon. Just make sure you have a trained lifeguard on duty to help if things don't go as planned.

Ashley Sollars
Ashley Sollars
Ashley Sollars
Ashley Sollars

And if you'd rather just see mermaids in action, stop by the Aquarium Restaurant in Opry Mills Mall where you'll find performances by local Mystic Mermaids®.  

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