Today is National Pizza Day and we're celebrating.  Mom and Pop Pizza Shops serve the best of the best pizza and there are two must-visit places in Kentucky and Indiana.


Angel here and Joe and I discovered a fabulous hole-in-the-wall pizza joint in Indiana just a few years ago and it has quickly become one of our favorites.

Gaslight Pizza and Grill has been serving up pizza for over 40 years and they don't just serve pizza.  On our first visit, we went for the pizza and discovered everything they were serving was delicious.  Joe and I got several different things off the menu and each one was just as good or better than the next.

I spoke to the staff who told me the brick oven they use is the original oven and is over 40 years old.  They said it's what makes the crust on the pizza and the light and airy crunch on the breadsticks so perfect.  They don't just have pizza and pasta.  They also have sandwiches and the day we were there had fried chicken.

The best part about the place was the atmosphere.  It has a bit of history behind it.  It used to be the old Victory Theatre of Huntingburg.  There's a super cool theatrical vibe and it's decorated with all sorts of Marvel Comics, Movie Pictures, and more.  They renovated the whole place a few years ago and have bands play on the stage.

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The best way for these mom-and-pop shops to get their business is through word of mouth.  Joe's favorite food is pizza.  He would literally eat pizza for every meal if he was a single guy.  When we do date nights I always let him decide where we are going and I can almost always guarantee it will be pizza.  I sometimes like to surprise him with a new place I've discovered and most recently it was Rockhouse Pizza on the riverfront in Henderson.

This place is delicious and super simple.  We've visited a few times and never had a wait.  Anytime Joe tries a new restaurant he has to order a few things off the menu so he can figure out what he likes best.  He quickly fell in love with their pizza.

If I could recommend my two favorite things when you visit get the Buffalo Chicken Pizza with an extra ranch dipping sauce and make sure to get the cheesy bread.  The staff is awesome and you never have to wait to see the bottom of your glass for a refill.  You can even watch a game or enjoy a beer while you kick back and relax.



Gaslight In Huntingburg A Hidden Pizza Bar & Grill Heaven

My very favorite restaurants in the world are hometown hole-in-the-wall joints that have the most delicious food ever. Gaslight Pizza & Grill fits the bill to a tee. Their food is better than any I have tasted for miles in the Tristate.

The Biggest Pizza in Owensboro, KY

Y Not Pizza and Wings on 4th Street in Owensboro serves a 30-inch pizza. If you want to order one, you have to give the restaurant 24-hours notice so they can prepare the dough. Here are some behind-the-scenes pics of one being made.

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Do you remember when Noble Roman's Pizza was located in Wesleyan Park Plaza in Owensboro? Their pizza, sub sandwiches, breadsticks, and cheese sauce. Now you can drive just five minutes outside of Owensboro and get that slice of nostalgia! We have the menu from the brand new Noble Roman's right here.


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