I've heard about a lot of urban legends in Illinois over the years, but have never come across this one - until now. The claim is that there is a network of secret tunnels under the University of Illinois that also houses a top-secret United States government computer.

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Someone should call Mulder and Scully because this might be good. This curious short video has just recently appeared on YouTube regarding mysterious things that allegedly lie underneath the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana.

The video share included this tasty rumor:

Some students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, say that there is a secret room below the Foreign Language Building and that it holds a giant supercomputer, which is secretly owned by the government. They also claim that there are top secret tunnels below the buildings on the Quad, whose origin and purpose is unknown.

This led me on a wild rabbit trail and I cannot find any website or even Reddit conversation that has mentioned the possibility that there are secret tunnels under the University of Illinois. Oh, and what about that secret government super-computer? I'm intrigued.

Let's break this down. First of all, the idea (and reality) of secret government tunnels is not new. Atlas Obscura shared 7 hidden tunnels that have been proven to exist. The Travel listed even more including several hidden underground tunnels in Missouri and some that aren't really hidden at all.

I did finally find one supposed map of underground tunnels in Illinois on Reddit and, sure enough, there's one that appears to go under the University of Illinois.

Let's suppose there really is a tunnel system that's connected to the University of Illinois. IF the government and has a super-computer hidden in it, do you really think they're gonna admit it? Not likely. However, if Mulder and Scully are available...

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