Another day, another new and dumb TikTok challenge. This one could get you into some trouble, and police have already issued warnings about this challenge.

The video platform, TikTok, allows users to share videos of all kinds. Singing, dancing, funny content, and even educational hacks. My favorite thing to watch on TikTok is the life hacks. Some of them I already knew about, others I am discovering for the first time like so many others. Honestly, you could really learn a lot from TikTok.

Likewise, there are some life hack videos and other challenge videos on TikTok that you should probably not attempt. We've all seen and heard about some of these TikTok challenge videos that were just...well, dumb and should not be attempted. There were challenges that had people slap a teacher, run across stacked milk crates, make themselves blackout, and who could forget when people were eating Tide pods?

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The Door Kick Challenge


The latest viral challenge is called the "door kick challenge". In these videos, people go around to unsuspecting neighborhoods and record themselves kicking the doors of homeowners. That's not a wise decision, especially in a town like the one I am from. It wouldn't end too well for the kicker. Anyway, these videos have  Kesha's song "Die Young" playing over it. . After the lyrics, "I hear your heartbeat to the beat of the drums," TikTokers kick the door twice, and sometimes actually kicking it in.

The challenge has caught the attention of several police agencies across the country. While it may seem harmless, it has caused some safety concerns in communities. The fear is that this trend continues, a homeowner could take matters into their own hands to fend off what they might believe are burglars. On another note, many residents have cameras on their porch now, so kicking in a door and causing damage would only lead to you getting into trouble with authorities if the footage can prove it was you causing the damage. In the end, use your head. This challenge isn't worth the potential risks. Do something else with your time to get your ten seconds of fame like creating the next big TikTok dance challenge. Just a thought...

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