My mother-in-law loved hummingbirds and her appreciation of these birds has been passed down to my wife. There's a new video of a Missouri woman who really is a hummingbird whisperer. See and believe.

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Based on the video description, this lady lives in Tuscumbia, Missouri. She said that her husband captured this video of her in her yard with her birds.

This video was taken by my husband, we just enjoy feeding and watching these beautiful birds. We hope you can enjoy the video as much as we enjoy the birds.

I've never seen these elusive birds willing to be this close to a human before.

We have a hummingbird feeder on our front porch for the sole reason of being able to see these birds relatively close. Pretty sure my wife would be willing to trade just about anything to be able to have the hummingbirds nearly feeding from her hands.

The Audubon Society has some helpful tips for feeding hummingbirds which doesn't require you to go to a store to buy special hummingbird food. They recommend a small amount of sugar in water (think 1 to 4 ratio) which the hummingbirds will consume as a supplement to the other sources of nectar. They also mention that hummingbirds will sometimes eat spiders which I did not know.

The woman in the video above obviously has a gift for earning trust with hummingbirds. Not something you see every day.

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