I'll be honest.  I had no idea this was even happening.  Kevin and I were watching HBO Max.  My phone was on silent.  And I was basically unplugged for a while.  Then, I happened to hop on Facebook for a second and started seeing incredible photos of a storm that popped up in southern Indiana last night, just across the Blue Bridge in Owensboro.

Whoa!  What?  Where did that come from?

My storm chasing buddy Chris Conley, who lives right along the banks of the river, was on his toes, like usual.  He snagged some absolutely incredible video of the storm as it developed across the Ohio and he put together a time lapse that shows the storm as it got bigger and bigger and eventually prompted a Tornado Warning.

This is incredible!

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Our friend Jake Boswell, from our weather partners at Eyewitness News, got some impressive footage too.  This was shot just south of Apollo High School, right before the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Warning for Spencer County, Indiana (Rockport, Reo).

On this morning's show, Angel and I chatted with Ron Rhodes about the storm.  As it turns out, Angel happened to see it too.  She was on her way from Tucker's ballgame in Stanley when she saw a big cloud in the sky that didn't look like it belonged.

The good news is this!  As you heard Ron say, the forecast for next week looks MUCH better than the forecast we had this week.  We have lots of sunshine and cooler temperatures headed for the Tristate.

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