Those who drive State Route 62 on a daily basis will want to take note of the new temporary speed limit from Evansville into Boonville.

As someone who lives in Boonville and drives to work in Evansville on a daily basis, I have become quite familiar with State Route 62. It has become like second nature driving on it for years. I know the speed limit and where it changes, especially in Chandler. I just crank up the radio and make my commute just as I have since I started working here. However, I did notice something different Monday morning on my way to work that could change the way I drive along that stretch of road.

Construction In Chandler

A post from the Chandler Police Department has gone viral recently regarding some construction going on in town and a new worksite speed limit that covers the entire stretch of State Route 62 from Evansville into Boonville. The post reads:

Reminder: from Boonville to I69 in Evansville and from I69 to Boonville. The speed limit has been changed to 45mph while they are working on improvements to SR62 (Lincoln Ave in Chandler) on both sides of town. Town speed limits will be posted if changed. Please slow down in work areas. 21 HWY workers were killed while making our Indiana roads better for us. Drive safely.

There's also a press release attached from INDOT regarding the construction going on in Chandler. This road work is expected to last until the end of May.

New Worksite Speed Limit On SR 62

Now, the construction in Chandler is very apparent, and you know to slow your speed in that work zone. However, as I have made my commute to and from work each day this week, what is less apparent is the worksite speed limit on State Route 62 from Evansville to Boonville. It seems that hardly anyone has paid attention to these new speed limit signs and they have continued to travel at the same speed as they typically would on that stretch of road. It should be noted that the new worksite speed limit on State Route 62 from I69 into Boonville is 45 miles per hour.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Why Is It 45mph Throughout That Whole Stretch Of Road?

Based on the comments on the Chandler Police Department's Facebook post, many (including myself) were left confused as to why there's a worksite speed limit throughout State Route 62 when the construction is only in Chandler for the time being? I reached out to get some clarification on that. Jason Tiller, the District Communications Director with the Vincennes District of INDOT had this to say to clear up any confusion:

This is a moving operation and depending on weather and the work schedule set up by the contractor, they could be in any number of locations on a given day. Work zone speed limits are generally in a larger area than the work zone itself so that drivers have time to slow down and react in the work zone. You would create a bottlenecking effect by having the speed limit change right at the work zone limits and that has the potential to cause crashes and endanger the workers in the work zone.

Tiller also mentioned that this new worksite speed limit from Evansville into Boonville is only temporary. "Once the work is complete, the speed limit will be normal. This is standard practice in every work zone," Tiller said.

So make sure that you abide by this new speed limit that has been posted throughout State Route 62. I know we're all used to going a little faster on this stretch of road, but for the time being, we all need to slow down and give ourselves a little more time to get to our destinations. Since it is a worksite, it could result in you getting pulled over and receiving a violation.

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