Warrick County Animal Control is searching for information on a truck that two kittens sealed in a sandwich bag were thrown out of. 

On Saturday August 26th, Warrick County Animal Control received reports of a red pickup truck driving down Gemlich Road around 9:45 AM, thrown out of the truck was a sandwich bag that was sealed and had two baby kittens in it.  The truck was said to be loaded down with trash, and could have possibly been heading to the landfill, Warrick County Animal Control is working with the landfill to try and get information on the truck as well.

Unfortunately the kittens had to be humanely euthanized, as they were not viable by the time they received help.

If you have any information on this truck, or the person who did this, Warrick County Animal Control is looking for answers.If you have any information regarding these kittens and who may be responsible, you can contact Warrick County Animal Control at (812)897-6107

Here's the information they posted on the Warrick Animal Control facebook:

HELP: We are looking for information regarding someone that commited cruelty to animals. These two newborns were sealed up in a sandwich bag and thrown out of a little red pick up truck on Gemlich Rd. Truck was loaded down with trash like it was headed to the landfill. Happened about 9:45am Saturday morning 8/25/18. We are NOT posting for drama and the littles were not viable and humanely euthanized. We just want information! PLEASE give us information as to who this person was if you know!!!! We want to try to give these kittens justice. We will be checking with the landfill on Monday for vehicle descriptions.

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