The machines are taking over. What was just a fictional premise in The Terminator movies is now reality. Don't believe me? Watch creepy artificial intelligence seem to bring Hannibal's favorite son Mark Twain back to life.

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I found this eerie animation of Mark Twain on GfyCat. It's a rather short, but very realistic portrayal of a classic Mark Twain photo from the early 1900's animated back to life again.

This is just the beginning. There are now Chat Bots of many famous celebrities including those that are deceased like Steve Jobs. It lets you have a virtual conversation where the AI will try to take on the intellect and personality of the person.

For fun, I "chatted" with AI Steve Jobs about how I don't like how expensive MacBooks are. He (It) was not pleased. Imagine someday "talking" with Abraham Lincoln about the issues of his day (maybe don't ask him how the Ford Theater play was?). Sounds very crazy, but it's very much a reality that has only begun to rear its head.

I have to ask if this is a good or a bad thing? Is it really fair to assign AI to a personality and then have it represent what it thinks that person believed? Or, has technology finally taken us to the place we feared in The Terminator movies? If this is the future, I think I'd like to stay in the past. While I'm fascinated by the technology, I'm now ready for John Connor to return from the past to save us. Right, Sarah Connor?

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