It seems like the days of a marriage proposal being a private moment between the two people involved fall farther and farther into the rear view as technology and social media become more ingrained in our every day life. Now it feels like if you don't make it some sort of big to-do the whole world can see, then why bother. With that said, you could make a strong case that by making a public spectacle of your proposal, it shows just how much your special someone means to you. Whether or not that was the intent behind an Evansville man's proposal during a Cincinnati Reds game over the weekend, I don't know, but it did catch everyone's eye.

Jeremy, as he introduces himself in the video below, took advantage of his prime seats behind home plate during Saturday's game to take the gutsy step of putting himself out there to ask his girlfriend, Beth, if she would do the honor of becoming his wife. It should be noted that Beth wasn't at the game with him. She was at home watching on TV. My guess is Jeremy planned it that way in case she said no. Then there wouldn't be the awkward silence through the rest of the game, or the rest of the weekend for that matter.

What did she say? Check out the video below to find out.

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