As I write this, a burst of heavier snow has just started falling before it all tapers off and we begin to head into the DEEPER freeze.

Talking earlier with Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart, I learned that wind chills could hit 15 below zero during a wind chill advisory in effect for midnight through 11AM January 16th.

No thank you!

But if we can hold out and be patient long enough, a reward is coming.

Temperatures will be ABOVE normal this weekend. We're talking temps in the 50s and Wayne even said we could approach 60 on Sunday.

Yes there will be a chance for rain that day, but SIXTY FREAKIN' DEGREES!

Bring all that on!

Actually, Wayne went on to say during our live afternoon forecast that the rest of the month would we warmer than normal.

I'm ready! Aren't you?

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