For National Taco Day, we're asking who serves up the tastiest tacos in town? Here are some restaurants offering FREE tacos to celebrate today!

Photo by Juan Rojas on Unsplash

National Taco Day is here so let's eat! How do you like your tacos? Beef, chicken, veggies, or fish? Do you like all of the topping varieties, or are you fussy like me? I only like meat, cheese, and tomatoes. Nothing more or nothing less, but I do like mine spicey. The flavor is key when eating a great taco. We are blessed with so many delicious options in the tri-state, so let's have some fun!

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National Taco Day is the best day for a fiesta! Now the question is. Where are you heading to get the BEST taco in town? We'll reveal the Top 10 Taco Joints tomorrow, based on your votes.

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Taco Bell will hand out free tacos for National Taco Day while supplies last.

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Taco John’s will celebrate with free Fried Chicken Tacos on their app today.

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