It seems like there are new construction projects popping up all over Evansville, which is a good sign. In my opinion, it means companies view the city as a good place to do business which helps our local economy grow and provides job opportunities for residents One of those construction projects has been going on for the past several months on the east side, but I couldn't figure out what it was. There's no "coming soon" sign out front, and its design didn't offer me any clues either. Now I don't have to guess anymore because the question has finally been answered.

The New Business Set to Open Soon on Evansville East Side

The building sits on the eastbound Lloyd Expressway just past Harrison High School next to the Hometown IGA grocery store and gas station. When the framework of the building first went up, my first thought was that it could be a new restaurant, but over time garage doors were installed on the left side of the building which ruled out that idea. As more time went by and construction progressed, it looked to me like the main part of the building was designed to be a showroom of some kind, so I thought maybe it was going to be a heating and air conditioning company. The showroom would be where they display the different types of furnaces and air conditioning units while the garage portion would be where they keep their service trucks. Turns out, I was wrong again, and my guess wasn't even close to what it actually will be.

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According to Evansville 411 News on Facebook, the site will soon be home to an America's Car-Mart dealership.

As Evansville 411 News notes in its post, the dealership has had a location on the corner of Riverside Drive and Highway 41 North for several years. What they didn't say (because they may not know), is whether or not the Riverside Drive location will close and move to this new spot, or if the company will now have two locations in Evansville.

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The new location will put them right across the Expressway from a few other dealerships that have been there for decades, Expressway Dodge and Kenny Kent Toyota.

[Source: Evansville 411 News on Facebook]

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