This weekend, my daughter and I went to see the new live action Disney film Beauty and the Beast. It followed the same story lines and characters from the 1991 Disney animated classic of the same name.

Controversy has surrounded this movie in everything from the choice of actors; to Gaston's chum and sidekick LeFou being gay. During the movie, I was more concerned with two things. One: the lighting was so dark, and editing and cinematography was so fast and choppy, it was distracting. Two: I couldn't figure out where I'd heard LeFou's voice before.

I recognized actor Josh Gad from various film projects but his voice seemed oddly familiar. Then it dawned on me. Josh Gad had performed in another one of Disney's classic features but it wasn't live action. He was the voice of Olaf - the sweet snowman from the beloved children's film Frozen. Josh Gad has also been featured in The Angry Birds Movie, Pixels, Sesame Street and various other projects. His career dates all the way back to ER!

Now, I did also think the voice of the beast was Liam Neeson but I was incorrect in that assumption. Dan Stevens just sounds a lot like Liam Neeson when he's trying to sound gruff.

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