Who remembers the Catfish Casino Boat? Have you ever wondered what happened to the famous boat on the water?

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The famous Catfish Bend Casino (that I remember anyway) would travel to and from Fort Madison Iowa to Burlington., I remember on my 21-birthday my parents took me to the casino where I played penny slots for hours. The casino on the river started in 1994 and ran until 2007. From what I remember the first and second floors had several bars, all of the gambling tables, and slot machines. The third floor was the main restaurant and banquet hall.

When it was no longer required for riverboats to be on the water. The current Catfish Bend Casino is now known as PZAZZ Entertainment which is not only a casino but Fun City entertainment for kids, and hotel. Plus the indoor/outdoor water park which is attached to the building. Everything is now all located at its permanent spot in Burlington, Iowa.

It's all fun and a great place to visit for a weekend getaway, but whatever happened to the actual casino boat. It now sits vacant docked in a small marina in Fort Madison and now is just a memory of what used to be. It's hard to explorer wince you have to take a raft or small boat to reach it, but some brave explorers did just that and now we can see what it looks like inside after being vacant for over a decade.

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