Geez Louise, I've got enough issues with Facebook without getting a bunch of friend requests from folks who are, wait for it, ALREADY IN MY FRIEND LIST!

It started a few months with a friend request from someone who I thought was already on my list.

Did they bail when they did one of those "cleaning house" projects people do from time to time on Facebook and then decided I was worth having back?

Nope, it was someone who was still on my friend list.

Then it happened again. And both of these requests had something in common. Their Facebook pages were almost completely devoid of any information or photos.

I smelled a scam.

And, sure enough, I'm hearing from others who are getting similar requests from people who are already their friends.

I guess there are social media lowlifes out there who see it as a great opportunity to "get into your business," so to speak.

But maybe enough people have caught on. It hasn't happened, at least to me, in a while.

What I am noticing, however, are friend requests from people I've never heard of and with whom I share no mutual friends.

That's a surefire "no dice."

Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg.