Over the weekend, my friend Mary Moseley shared this photo on Facebook.  It brought back a ton of memories!

Mary Moseley/Facebook
Mary Moseley/Facebook

In her Facebook post Mary said, "I wonder how old this bag is, and how on Earth my mom (Ellen Wimsatt) still have a Bacon's bag??"

Bacon's was a Louisville-based department store chain that started back in the mid 1800's as Bacon's Dry Goods.  In 1901, the company's flagship store was opened in downtown Louisville at the corner of 4th and Market.  It remained open there until 1972.  It was 1977 that the chain opened a location here in Owensboro.

I remember shopping at Bacon's at Towne Square Mall.  My cousin Onda Strobel worked there for years and years. And I remember having lots of friends in high school who were on the Bacon's Teen Board (or something like that).

Bacon's had a decent two-decade run here in Owensboro.  It was 1998 that the store's parent company was acquired by Dillard's and the franchise was retired.

Do you remember Bacon's?

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