What's the deal with time? I'm serious. Why does it seem to be moving faster than it ever has? It can't just be that I'm getting older, right?

Is it possible there's some weird phenomenon that has caused time to "speed up?"

Sounds nuts, I know, but has it REALLY been over two weeks since I was in Lexington marveling at Henry Clay's extraordinary monument?

Dave Spencer

It seems like a couple of days ago.

And has it SERIOUSLY been a month since I was in Florida and took this picture?

Dave Spencer


And, are you kidding me? 10 months--nearly a whole year--has gone by since I was in New Mexico?


I don't get it. And maybe there's no explanation. But the phenomenon is just too pervasive to not have SOME sort of explanation.

It's like why yawns are contagious. I do not buy and never have bought that whole lack of oxygen thing.

I don't know. But maybe somebody does.

Any ideas?