It does not matter what time of year, this Wisconsin city is ranked top five in the world for biking.

Surprising Fact About Wisconsin

This is a surprising fact about Wisconsin that I never knew. There is a city famous for being one of the most bikeable places in the world. Not just in the state or country but in the entire world. That is a lot of competition. Such a great honor for them.


Did You Know A Wisconsin City Is Known For Biking

Now, when I think of biking, the state of Wisconsin definitely does not come to mind. First of all, the window for ideal riding is pretty short. There are a lot of outside activities but many are winter-related or not what I would consider physical. I am talking about stuff like snowmobiling and fishing.

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Madison, Wisconsin Is A Hot Bed For Biking

When it comes to cities in Wisconsin, Madison is very unique. I think having the University Of Wisconsin located there makes a big difference. I can actually see it as a bikeable town during the nice months but according to the ranking, it is good all year.

Why Is Madison Such A Great Place For Bicycling

After I saw that honor earned by the capital of Wisconsin, I had to find out why, so I did some research. Here is what I found out.

According to, 

  • There are many great places to ride.
  • Lots of sources to find out information about biking in Madison including HERE.
  • Riding is an acceptable form of transportation in the capital for transportation, exercise, and fun.
  • The city hosts many bike events and activities.
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Eric Thomas

Those are all great reasons to make Madison a top-ranked bikeable city. Next time you are thinking about taking a ride, travel up to Madison to give it a try. See for yourself if it lives up to the hype.

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