I don't know what it is about people falling, but so many people think it's funny. There are YouTube channels devoted to it. If the person doesn't get hurt, I have to admit, they are kinda funny.

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My husband, kids, and so many of my friends can't get enough of people being pranked or falling. I have fallen before, after tripping on the sidewalk, and my husband will laugh hysterically before helping me up and seeing if I'm ok. He just can't help it.

Now that almost every door has a security camera, people are recording porch pirates, their pets doing funny things, possible paranormal sightings, UFOs, and their friends slipping and falling on their steps.

Someone in Michigan City, Indiana wondered why their friend was so mad until they saw the security camera footage.Let's just say she was mad, not only at her friend but at the camera that caught it all, as well. LOL

An unexpected fall. My buddy was mad and I was unsure why she came into the house upset. I played the Ring to see if something happened outside, and when I reviewed the video I saw the fall.

Watch her look back and give the camera a dirty look.


By the way, she was not hurt. But, slipping and falling on steps or sidewalks can be very dangerous and can cause serious injury. How can you keep yourself and your family and friends from slipping on icy steps?

What to put on icy steps?

Salt is the cheapest and most common way to get rid of ice without shelling out for specially formulated products. Rock salt, the salt most often used for de-icing, is 99 percent sodium chloride from underground salt mines. It's just a coarser version of table salt.

- homereference.net

[VIral Hog via Rumble]


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