So, when I was in school (broken record time), we never had a student-produced newscast. It seems I always graduated on the brink of newer technology coming into each of the schools I attended. Don't get me started on the Mass Media and Technology Hall that was built AFTER I graduated from WKU. Anyway, at my elementary school alma mater, Wayland Alexander in Hartford, they've started producing a student newscast and since it sort of takes the place of morning announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance is included. I think I know this little girl! Check out the video at 1:20!

Yes! I asked my sister how she got the gig and she said Zoey was probably nominated for it. Great job! I thought I would quit watching after Zoey, but this newscast, it's packed with information, fun features, and do you remember the Preamble to the Constitution? Two teachers even do a version of "Carpool Karaoke"!

Kudos to the students, teachers, and staff at Wayland!