Okay, admit it, how many of you gave in and filled out the "Be Like Bill" app/meme on Facebook? I thought I was going to throw my computer and/or phone out the window over the weekend and I refused to give in. Oh I went and filled one out, but I didn't post it. However, "Bill" may have invaded your privacy. 

In case you need a refresher...

The Better Business Bureau is now investigating the popular app. The parent company, Blobla, may be filing Facebook users' feeds for possible privacy violations. In other words, "Be Like Bill" is an example of click bait or third party app. It's important to check the the terms of any online agreement, including privacy statements, before clicking "I Agree" or sharing personal information.

So, when you were filling out a "Be Like Bill" meme, you were possibly exposing yourself and other private info. In other words, DON'T "Be Like Bill"!

Here are some additional privacy tips.