My Shaped by Faith guests, Chef Anthony and his wife Kimberly are serving up some of the finest and most unique forms of cooking in this area. They are the owners of Chef's Kitchen Buffet & Catering. They have a heart to serve amazing food and also share the love of Jesus to their customers and our community.

You can listen to them share what God has done for them personally and how their marriage has been healed and restored. You can also hear all about the ministry work they are now both doing as they go out into our community and share their food and faith with others.

Chef Anthony and Kimberly are both are in the kitchen all the time, so I came up with a simple exercise to stretch their back/spine and strengthen their upper body. Cooking, being on the computer or on any techy device puts our posture in a forward curve, especially our shoulders. The wall sit I have Chef Anthony demonstrating and the Stability ball sitting exercise I have Kimberly doing will help strengthen and elongate their spines.


I also added a stretch band that is easy to keep at work, home, car, purse, to use whenever you have a minute. It really only takes 1 minute to do this exercise! Your body will thank you for taking care of it!

I also want to remind everyone that I teach Shaped by Faith fitness classes at Owensboro Christian Church Rec center Monday-Friday. I love helping people shape their bodies and hearts for God's purposes. Feel free to contact me and we can come up with a plan that will help you get started and stay on a healthy path! All you need is a little bit of encouragement and a good Coach to give you a game plan that fits your everyday lifestyle!

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It is so important that we take care of our hearts! I have had a few open heart surgeries and I know the importance of taking care of the heart!

Blessings & Happy Valentines Day!