The wet/dry issue isn't finished yet in Ohio County. When the countywide special election was held in April, both of Hartford's precincts voted in favor of the county going wet. Ultimately, the vote went the way of the county, despite Beaver Dam going wet, staying dry. Now, a new online petition has been started to get a special wet/dry election solely for the city of Hartford.

Not long after the the county vote, Governor Matt Bevin signed into law Senate Bill 11 which has been amended to remove the part which stated only those cities with populations equal to or greater than 3,000 could petition for a local option election on alcohol sales. In theory, Hartford, plus Centertown, Fordsville, McHenry or Rockport can all petition for a wet/dry vote.

The Hartford petition can be found HERE. It needs at 177 signatures from Hartford residents to bring the issue to a vote, which could come before this fall's general election.

Meanwhile, alcohol sales in Beaver Dam could begin late next month.