I wanted to take some time to see why Daviess County KY is in a 'State of Emergency' so I toured the city.

Daviess County is currently under a state of emergency because of the damage from storms on Thursday and Friday morning and I now see why. I got a tip from law enforcement this morning of the worst hit areas in the Owensboro City Limits and here's some of the pictures I took and my thoughts.

Over 10,000 residents are without power and workers need the room to work to get power restored.

This picture was taken at 25th and Frederica St. Street Lights are out everywhere so use caution and treat as a 4 way stop.

Roads are blocked. I’m so glad nobody was hurt as this tree was across JR Miller by Legion Park. I passed through the intersection coming to work right before the tree went down.

4th Street was hit pretty hard with people in vehicles trying to escape the storm. Some were lucky and some not as much as the pictures show. Again, so grateful nobody was hurt.

Owensboro Catholic High School will have much to clean up. This whole area was hit pretty hard. The workers are out in full force doing a wonderful job taking care of the area. Just use caution because as you can see from the pictures, some of the roads are still blocked.