You likely have heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.   As a matter of fact, the residents there remain in desperate need of fresh drinking water.  And, thanks to some folks from right here in Western Kentucky, they got a a HUGE shipment of it late Saturday night.  Trent Nall and his sister LuAnn Brown-Randolph joined forces and rallied people in Ohio and Daviess Counties to help.  And groups like Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing and Kentucky Wesleyan College chipped in to collect.  And the results were astounding.


The Clean Water for Flint, Michigan Project collected roughly 400 cases of water.  Some of the cases contained 24 bottles.  Other cases contained 40 bottles a piece.  So, all in all, roughly 10,000 bottles were donated and collected for the cause. Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing housed most of the water before it was ready to be shipped out and the students at Kentucky Wesleyan College were more than happy to get involved and add to the collection.

Photo from LuAnn Brown-Randolph

The first shipment left for Flint, Michigan Saturday afternoon.