Director Steven Spielberg is back in theaters this summer with a live-action adaptation of beloved British children's author Roald Dahl's 'The BFG'. The Big Friendly Giant is portrayed this year's Best Actor Oscar winner for Spielberg's 'Bridge of Spies', Mark Rylance. It's a wild ride through Great Britain, with places like Giant Country and the real Buckingham Palace.

The BFG uses 'giant speak' which invokes wrong syllables on common words, and you may have heard or read this kind of speak in Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Here's a clip.

Little Sophie, played brilliantly by newcomer Ruby Barnhill, is always trying to correct BFG and she helps him capture dreams while trying to avoid the clutches of the man-eating giants. Spielberg reunited with Oscar-nominated screenwriter Melissa Mathison, she wrote the script for 'E.T.' Mathison passed away last November. Composer John Williams teams up with the director for the eighteenth time for a magical score.

It's a great fantasy, however it's rated PG. My family opted to not take Zoey, the giants may scare younger kids. Some critics have called 'The BFG' this generation's 'E.T'. I wouldn't go that far, but as far as visual effects and storytelling, it's Spielberg at his best. I definitely recommend it, but again, it may be a little too intense for little kids.