I hear "church picnic" and I'm jettisoned back to my youth. Love 'em. And you will too if you've never been to one. For that matter, WHY HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN TO ONE? (If you haven't.)

If that is the case, then you can correct that path this Sunday, May 22nd, at the St. Mary of the Woods Church Picnic.

From 9AM until 3PM, you are going to have a blast!

There will be lots of games for both kids and adults, a cake booth, a craft and basket booth, and big giveaways.

At 3PM, someone will win $2500. Plus, ten $200 checks will be awarded.

Lunch--including mutton, pork, chicken, and burgoo--will be served beginning at 11AM and it will happen inside in air-conditioned comfort (good thing, since it's supposed to get really warm again by Sunday.)

It's the annual St. Mary of the Woods Church Picnic this Sunday from 9AM until 3PM in Whitesville, just 20 minutes east of the bypass. Take the 54 exit.

Don't miss it!