Warm weather months typically mean an increase in the occurrence of door-to-door sales for many consumers. One common category for these type sales is home security services and systems. The Tri-State BBB® has received several calls, just this week, with questions on such companies who appear to be going door-to-door.  To help assist with these questions and protect consumer safety, your Tri-State BBB offers the following tips.

  1. Be Careful With Unknown Guests: Exercise caution with anyone you don’t know and discontinue conversations that feel strange or uncomfortable. Some companies may provide badges with picture IDs or company information to boost consumer confidence, but until you have had time to research, these individuals are still strangers you don’t know. Reputable companies should have no issue with requests for business contact information, brochures, or the time to obtain a free BBB Business Review, before continuing discussions. This may mean setting an appointment on a different day, if you have interest. You may also want to confirm with the parent company that the individual visiting is an actual company representative, and that the company is licensed appropriately for service in your area, before further consideration.
  2. Verify Any Claims – We have heard stories from consumers where they are told the original security provider will no longer be supplying their service; however, the company represented, will be taking over for their needs. Others have heard that contracts have been purchased by the new security company, who is visiting. They may then be told they need new equipment or other items, which may require charges.  If true, consumers would have likely received correspondence or communications from their original providers, but even if not, it’s best to check with your original service provider, calling them directly, to verify any claims.

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