Before the fighters step into the ring on April 9th for Guns and Hoses 9, they'll have to step on the scale at Show Me's East Friday Night.

The event is open to the public, and pretty self-explanatory as each fighter involved will step on the scale in front of everyone at Show Me's to have their weight officially recorded ahead of next Saturday's event. I will personally be on hand to emcee the weigh-in.

In the past, fighters have played to the crowd with props, messages written in body paint across their chests, and Spandex trunks that leave little to the imagination.

I can't say enough about how great the event itself has become. The fighters dedicate months of training to put on the best performance they can which leads to exciting fights the crowd eats up. Plus, with just three - one minute rounds, there's no time for strategy, no dancing around for several rounds to conserve energy for the later rounds, it is punch or be punched.

But it's not just the fights that make it so awesome. The entire production is something you have to see. From the opening ceremony to the fighters strolling down the ramp complete with pyrotechnics, it's as close to a Las Vegas style boxing event as you're going to get around here.

Tickets are still available for Guns and Hoses at the Ford Center box office and online through Ticketmaster.