This isn't alarming at all. Two nights-in-a-row, stealth bombers have been spotted flying over Marblehead, Illinois. Wonder why?

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Kudos to WCIL Scanner Radio on Facebook for catching this extreme aerial event.

For the record, the stealth bombers in question are a part of the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. They are 1 of only 2 Air Force units to operate the B-2 Spirit Stealth per their official website.

Here's an up-close look at these ever-so-quiet flying machines.

They're quiet unless their payload is being dropped on your head. Won't speculate as to why the B-2 stealth bombers are heading east away from Whiteman as it may very well be routine maintenance/patrols. It is interesting that they've been seen directly over Marblehead on consecutive days.

One other question. They didn't observe the 30 mph speed limit there, did they? I had to ask.

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