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Living Inside Out (Shaped by Faith)
Sherrell Wallace from Galesburg Illinois, is the founder of the, 'Living Inside' T Shirt and she now has a new podcast called, “Living Inside Out By Faith.”
Her podcast is a platform for Christians to share their testimony of how they put their faith into action …
Pennies and Prayers (Shaped by Faith)
Virginia Braswell, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity has come up with a unique way to involve prayer and some coins to help raise money for Habitat for Humanity's 144th house.
Habitat's biggest fundraiser event scheduled in August, Banjos and Brunch had to be cancelled because …
#CelebrateErica Campaign (Shaped by FAITH)
Lisa Greer, the mother of Erica Owen, the young nurse who was murdered in her home on July 3, 2018, and her friend, Suzanne Jagoe, a paralegal with a local law firm, are bringing awareness to domestic violence through the #CelebrateErica campaign...
The Fountain Downtown Prayer Chapel (Shaped by FAITH)
If you look behind these lovely ladies, you will see the building, The Fountain Downtown Prayer Chapel. It has a beautiful exterior and presence in our downtown.
Donna Lanham is the CEO of Rehoboth Ministries. She is also pastor and co-founder of The Fountain Downtown Prayer Chapel 119 West 2nd St...
This Weekend on Shaped by Faith
Amber Calloway is the house mother at Friends of Sinners Women's house and a server at Cracker Barrel.
Amber shares her story to help others find hope in Jesus Christ.
Her past is messy, and tangled with childhood trauma, abuse, neglect, drug addiction and toxic relationships...
Diamond Lake Resort (Shaped by Faith)
Diamond Lake Resort is one of the best campgrounds in the state of Kentucky!
Brian and Janice Smith are the proud owners of this beautiful get-away place to be for family and fun. I spoke with Brian about how their business handled the news of the pandemic and how they were able to stay open as an es…

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