I've often wondered about innocent players from teams that had wins vacated and how unfair it is to them that their huge moment in the sun was tainted by the actions of others.

Since the University of Louisville is the only school to EVER have a national title vacated, I couldn't help but wonder about the guys on that team who had nothing to do with the scandals that brought the Cardinals to that point.

Luke Hancock, the 2013 NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player, along with teammate Tim Henderson and others are exactly the types of people to which I'm referring and, according to a WDRB/Louisville report, they will file a suit against the NCAA over its decision.

Hancock was a 3-point machine in that win over Michigan (yeah, I know it's been vacated, but I watched the game and I know who had the higher score at the end), but now the record books will never show that that win ever happened.

And that leads to the question, "What becomes of Hancock's status as that Final Four's MOP?"

I suppose Hancock and the teammates that he will join in this suit against the NCAA will learn the answer as they move forward.

A group of U of L boosters tried to sue the NCAA over the same sanctions and the title vacation, but they were effectively turned away at the door.


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