Not since Sharon Stone wore a Gap shirt (with a Vera Wang skirt) to the Oscars in the 1990s has a discount retailer been mentioned among red carpet couturiers like Valentino and McQueen and Armani. Until now.

Best Supporting Actress nominee Helen Hunt wore a navy blue strapless satin H&M gown on the red carpet of the 2013 Oscars. Say what?

Hunt said that the dress was made with environmental sustainability in mind. It was also given a major boost by the $700,000 worth of Martin Katz jewelry that was sewn into the back of the dress. So it wasn't like she went down to the nearest H&M franchise and stocked up. But she likely just gave the retailer a major PR boost.

For what it's worth, the frock did not look like it came off the rack from a store known for being a place where teens and budget-conscious yet fashionably-minded people shop for basics and knockoffs of looks inspired by high-end runway designers.

Helen Hunt 2013 Oscars H+M
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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