Jennifer Aniston, who's known to wear basic black at red carpet events, threw us for a loop at the 2013 Oscars by wearing a full, princess-like red gown by Valentino. It reminded us of another red dress worn by another Jennifer (Lawrence, at the Golden Globes).

The strapless dress was pretty, but Aniston didn't look entirely comfortable in it. She doesn't usually favor such big skirts, and even joked that you could fit a village under all that fabric. (One thing we did notice, though, is that there was no trace of those twins the tabs are always trying to put in her womb.)

Of course she had her fiance Justin Theroux on her arm, and that huge engagement ring he gave her was on full display, too.

Jennifer Aniston 2013 Oscars Valentino
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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