Authorities say that 300 birds just fell from the sky dead in southern Illinois and they think they know the culprit that's responsible.

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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources just shared news that 300 snow geese were just found deceased in southern Illinois. They currently believe it's because of the bird flu that has caused the death of millions of birds across America this year.

As the state of Illinois said in their post, these birds were found in multiple areas of southern Illinois including Baldwin Lake, Pyramid State Recreation Area, Rend Lake, and Carlyle Lake. These lakes are part of the heavily-forested area north of Carbondale, Illinois.

The state of Illinois authorities are asking that if you notice any unusual bird behavior or see an unusual number of dead birds in your area to contact them through the district contacts on their website.

The Avian Influenza (aka bird flu) is highly contagious between birds but rarely spread to humans according to the CDC website. It's certainly not impossible and there have been humans with bird flu, but this outbreak is not expected to result in any health problems for people at this time.

According to the latest statistics, the bird flu has caused the death of over 50,000,000 birds in 2022 alone. This latest toll in Illinois only adds to those growing numbers.

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