For the avid yard sale patron, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the annual 400-mile yard sale is like Christmas--with a big red heart emoji on the calendar app and everything.

And it's not like there wouldn't be a connection. I know we're still more than six months away from the holiday season, but I'm guessing if you found the "perfect" item for someone on your shopping list, you'd snag it and hang on to it...regardless of the time of year.


I say that because the 400-Mile Sale is happening his weekend; it begins Thursday, June 2nd, and lasts through Sunday, June 5th. I know that if I were to find something I'd want to give someone for Christmas and they didn't have a birthday between now and then, I'd grab it.

Find out how this amazing event came to be:

By the way, while many of the sales you'll find along the 400-mile-long route ARE yard sales, it is OFFICIALLY known as the "400-Mile Sale" because there are some places where the merchandise is indoors. I guess they didn't want to leave anyone out, and that sounds like a good plan to me. Now, if you've never visited, the 400-Mile Sale covers the entire length of U.S. 68 within Kentucky, stretching from Mason County in the northeast all the way down to McCracken County in the southwest.

Google Maps
Google Maps


The event is divided into five regions, with the Lakes, Pennyrile, and South Central regions the ones nearest to the tri-state. But if you have the time, you might want to make it a fun weekend road trip. And if you'd like for you yard sale to be a part of it, you still have time to register, and you can do that here. And if your sale is a multi-site setup, you can register here.

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If you're a shopper and looking for something specific, the 400-Mile Yard Sale's website has a section called "Find Sales & Multi-Sites" in which you can click on a specific county and then see all the towns in the county that will be participating. Additionally, you'll see what items you'll find at each sale.

And if you ARE planning a getaway around this enormous yard sale, you have suggestions for dining and accommodations at your fingertips.

Unless you're planning to attend the 400-Mile Yard Sale, you might want to avoid U.S. 68 in Kentucky this weekend. Otherwise, enjoy a unique experience, and good luck finding everything on what I assume will be a long shopping list.

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