Illinois sure is a great state to get your grub on! Whether it's desserts, pizza, or just about anything really...Illinois likes to cook and LOVES to eat. There's one restaurant in Illinois that can claim TOP FIVE, in the entire country...Say whaaaat?? YELP

Using this guide found on YELP I'd like to introduce you to the #4 restaurant in America and it's not too far from Rockford.


Oriole Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois is the 2022, #4 restaurant in the country.  Dang man, that's crazy! Here's a bit about this place, as I wait for my invite:

They serve American Cuisine. YELP can't exactly recommend something since the menu changes daily. But they do have some meals that are the favs...Including capellini with shaved truffles, a Japanese A5 Wagyu beef with grilled lettuce, also there's an Alaskan king crab with edible flowers. Edible flowers you say...

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The reviews of this place are amazing. Those that eat there, go back again and agin. Check this out:

"The entire night is a journey, and if you are OK with trying new things, just go with the flow. Everything was delicately crafted, tasty, and unique. They add so many flavors to each dish I sometimes [felt I was in] another universe.”  - Mikinzie C.

Just go with the flow, at Oriole Restaurant...It's located at 661 W Walnut St, Chicago, IL.

From Oriole Chicago:

Oriole is a contemporary-American restaurant located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood featuring Executive Chef and Owner Noah Sandoval’s award winning tasting menu. Since Oriole’s opening in 2016, it has repeatedly earned two Michelin stars and recently received the Jean Banchet Award for Restaurant of the Year. Chef Sandoval is also a James Beard nominated chef and was named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs in 2017. - Oriole


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