Just a couple of days ago, I called in a to-go order to 54 Pizza Express.  I live within like five football fields of the west location and I love their pizza.  For Kevin, it's always a half order of stuffed bread sticks.  For me, it's either a small ham/pineapple or a small Mighty Meat.  Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention a chess bar for dessert.

My friend Cindy Tong has owned 54 Pizza Express for three decades and there's no doubt that the last fifteen months (because of the variety of issues caused by Covid-19) have been among the most challenging in the restaurant's history.

For months and months, indoor dining was closed.  The two 54 locations were open to carryout or delivery only.  Now, like with so many other restaurants and businesses, there are serious issues with finding workers to increase staff.

So, Cindy has chosen to do something incredible.  Selfless, really.  Just a couple of days ago, she announced via social media that 54 Pizza Express will be closing for a full week in July.  Here's why . . .

I chatted with Cindy this week and she said, "I am just trying to give them some true down time."  The week of July 5th, she's going to do just that.

Cindy adds that people everywhere are stressed and that we are all still trying to comprehend the "fallout of everything" the Covid-19 pandemic has left us with.  Cindy realizes that those problems are nationwide, worldwide, but her power to make a change only goes so far.  She says, "I can't do anything to help (all the others) but I am able to do something about what is in my control.  That is the people in my life."

Cindy says her staff has been working tirelessly and they would truly benefit from a break.  "Everyone on staff working mostly every day that we were open. Those that did not were busy with second jobs or taking care of their family needs, school and finding food & supply's for their needs."

So, immediately following the 4th of July holiday weekend, those devoted 54 Pizza Express workers are going to get that much needed downtime, that much needed break.  There's no doubt that they have earned it.

Cindy joined Angel and me on the WBKR morning show today to chat about her decision and the staff's reaction.

So, rest up, Team!  While I will certainly miss my biweekly Mighty Meat and chess bar, I'll grab 'em when you all get back to work.

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