Not too long ago, I was behind a vehicle in southwestern Kentucky and was very impressed with its license plate which read "XLR8R." I deduced that it was "plate lingo" for "accelerator."

Personalized License Plates

Why someone felt the need to have that particular word on their license plate is beyond me. Maybe they just wanted to be clever and use a word that could be spelled out alphanumerically. Who knows? But if so, they succeeded and I applaud. Plus, SOME personalized plates are so clever, I can't figure them out.

Obviously, THAT plate was totally fine with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Kentucky law, but many others have not been. So it's best to check state law before submitting a request for a personalized license plate.

What Kentucky Law Says About Personalized License Plates

Kentucky laws state the obvious regarding such plates; where to get them, on what vehicle they can be placed, and procedures to follow should you move are examples of what's covered.

But Section 5 indicates that some personalized plates that SHOULD have been rejected can slip through:

If a personalized plate is issued through oversight or any other reason which carries letter or number combinations offensive to good taste and decency, it shall be recalled by the cabinet and a regular registration license plate issued under KRS 186.050(1) shall be obtained by the owner of the motor vehicle and placed on the vehicle.

In other words, there's not a set list of objectionable plate content in Frankfort; you submit what you want on your plate, and the state determines whether or not you can put it on our vehicle.

According to WLKY-Louisville, these plates HAVE been rejected by the state of Kentucky. And there are SOME rejections here that I don't think I understand.

Off we go.

Rejected Kentucky Personalized License Plates

There are some rejections here that are real head scratchers. For others, you might be able to deduce the reason. For others still, it's kind of obvious. None in this list, however, fall into the NSFW category.

Odd Kentucky Laws You Probably Didn't Know Were Still on the Books

Maybe lawmakers just assumed these were no longer valid since most of them are so silly.

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