Today, the media and museum members were invited to the sneak peek at the Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville (cMoe)'s newest permanent exhibit, ArtMaker. And, I wanted to share that sneak peek with you!

According to cMoe, Artmaker is an exhibit where you can learn science through art or art through science.

Because this week is VBS in the morning, my daughter Ava is hanging out with me at work in the afternoon. She was ecstatic to find out she was going to get to see and experience the new exhibit!

Housed in two separate rooms, children (and adults) can play with robotics, electricity, sewing and textiles, and can also create artwork out of clay, paint, or 3-D pens and printers!

Check it out!

Come celebrate the opening of ArtMaker where families can play, create, and experiment! ArtMaker mixes a traditional art studio, wood shop, and science lab into one space. Using real materials and tools, children pick a project, solve problems, and learn the importance of trial and error. Have a fantastic big idea? Let’s make it! Children might discover inventions don’t always go perfect the first time. The important thing is to try and if you fail…try again. Children can tinker in a low stress, supportive environment where the process of discovery is equally important to the final product.
What can we do inside? Draw a high tech model at the Design Station and print it out at the 3d Printer. Sculpt using our hands at the Clay Station. Use real sewing machines to discover the engineering of textiles at Sew. Discover how circuits work at Wire. Paint a still life with friends or create Light Art at the projection table. Program electronics to do your bidding at the Robot Station. Discover cause and effect at the mechanical contraptions Tinker Wall. -cMoe


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