Okay, first confession, I wasn't sure about another version of a movie/story that's already been told three times. I'm happy to say my intuition about the 2018 version of A Star is Born starring/directed by Bradley Cooper with Lady Gaga was totally off.

Cooper plays Jackson Maine, an alt-country, blues artist who has his demons and after his gig one night he stops for a drink at a gay bar and he discovers Ally singing live, which is rare at a drag show. They instantly bond over their love of songwriting and thus they begin to somewhat unknown to Ally at first start to collaborate. They first strike lightning with "Shallow".

They also fall in love just as fast. The more they play, the more Ally gets noticed and Jackson's demons become more and more prominent and I'm going to stop as far as the plot there.

What overwhelmed me the most obviously was the music created for the film. Both Gaga and Cooper co-wrote a a few and they got help from Willie Nelson's son Lukas who plays a member of Jackson's backing band in the film.

This scene and song bridge the gap between the music Jackson and Ally create together and what Ally's career path will look like, "Look What I Found".

And although there are several songs that are just so raw, one that got me was this one by Jackson alone, "Maybe It's Time". I mean, waterfalls.

A great aspect of the film is you don't see Gaga, you see Ally and that's probably the most refreshing part of the storytelling. My mom leaned over the first time she sang with Cooper and she said "he has to be so intimidated (by Gaga)", I agree but it's amazing to watch it unfold.

In other words, go see this movie.

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