In case you haven't noticed, or maybe you just haven't been paying attention, there is some pretty amazing artwork on display around Evansville. I am talking specifically about murals. I remember when a mural on the side of a building was somewhat rare, and I'm super excited to see more and more murals popping up around town.

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Evansville is home to some really amazing architecture, and in my opinion, a beautiful building is only made beautifuller (yeah, I said it) with the addition of a big, colorful, mural. Some folks might think it is blasphemous to do that to certain buildings, but those are probably the same people that yell at kids to get off their lawn. We have so many creative and talented people in Evansville, so why not let them do their thing and add a little life to our city?

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If Some Are Good, More Is Better, Right?

It wasn't that long ago that you only had a couple of murals to choose from, and it wouldn't take you long to go see them. These days, though, there are several murals to see, not only in Evansville but in the surrounding area too. The Visit Evansville Facebook page recently shared a short video highlighting some of the murals in downtown Evansville and on Franklin Street.

But Wait, There's More...

That's great, right? But you might be thinking to yourself that there are several murals not featured in the video, and you would be correct. Luckily, I found this handy dandy map, thanks to the Growth Alliance, that tells you where to find even more great works of art. In fact, you can see all the murals without even getting up. Of course, we know that a picture usually doesn't do justice, so you'll need to go see the murals in person to truly appreciate them.

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