I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again, I am FASCINATED by pictures and the existence of longly abandoned buildings. The stories they can tell, and the abuse that time has inflicted on them is something that always sucks me right in. I may never be brave enough to check out these structures in person, (it is highly illegal to do so anyway), but I sure do love learning about them.

Do You Know About the Damen Silos in Chicago?

The abandoned rabbit hole I fell down today is about the Damen Silos in Chicago. Have you ever noticed this structure while visiting the city?

I am not a frequent traveler to Chicago, but even I have seen these silos before and thought, what story can they tell?

According to blockclubchicago.org, the Damen Silos, located at 2900 S Damen Ave. in Chicago, Illinois have been abandoned since 1977 when an explosion destroyed them and made the silos useless. They used to hold 400,000 bushels of grain, and still have a basement that is full of multiple tunnels people can get lost in.

So, why have these silos not been demolished in the last 45 years since the explosion took place? I couldn't find the real answer, and I'm assuming it has something to do with the money it would take to get the job done, but maybe it is because of their artistic allure?

The Damen Silos has long been a hot spot for artists, photographers, and even filmmakers. (IMDB even says a few Chicago P.D. episodes have been filmed there, as well as other movie scenes and videos). One guy named Dave “Gone” Brault even lived in the Damen Silos for a while to make a short film called 'Gone' that aimed to teach people 'how to survive in a post-apocalypse'.  😲

Gone (Damen Silos, Chicago IL) from Brent Bandemer on Vimeo.

If you're thinking the Damen Silos would be a cool place to explore next time you're in Chicago, DON'T DO IT. Not only is it illegal to do so, but it's very dangerous as well. Just watch this video. It's the next best, safest option to get a feel of what it's like inside the Damen Silos.

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